Bitcoin adoption in the United Kingdom

Published 2 years ago

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Our Bitcoin and Blockchain World tour takes us to the United Kingdom, a beautiful country known for it's education institutes. Also, an incredibly exciting place to be if you have embraced our new digital economy, Bitcoin and blockchain technology. The country has a population of over 65 million people with the median age of 40,1 years. 81% of the population is urban and most of Britain is online. Economic growth has been slow since the financial crisis of 2008. The Services sector is the most important and accounts for 79% of total GDP. Exports of goods and services account for 28% of GDP. United Kingdom European Union membership referendum was held on 23 June 2016, the PM resigned, and the pound has plummeted to a 30 year low! What is in store for the UK... confidence is low and businesses are unsettled. However if you had bought Bitcoin with your Pounds a year ago and just held on to them, you would have seen a growth in value between 206% and 219%! Who is kicking themselves now? Bitcoin and Blockchain technology is being embraced by many. The Bank of England has started an accelerator programme for new FinTech start ups... innovation is rife in the UK and it is believed it is a GBP 20 billion industry. There are also Blockchain start ups for various other industries, not only FinTech. The Blockchain has many uses, many still to be discovered. Conferences and meet ups are regularly held - you never know, maybe one of these events are close to you. If so, attend and get involved! In summary, Bitcoin is a natural hedge again the GBP and it should most definitely part of a UK citizens investment portfolio. The UK is an exciting place to be! Subscribe to our YouTube channel for a FREE BITCOIN EDUCATION and to keep yourself updated as to what is going down in our new digital economy. Follow us on Facebook and connect with us The Bitcoin News Review is sponsored by Swiss Bank In Your Pocket - secure digital currency banking - chat with the support team online and find out how you can keep your bitcoin safe and private, always! Thank you for watching our video!