Early Birds Team Build Monday Hangout 7pm uk 2pm est Featured

Published 7 months ago

Join Us Today We Like To Have FUN when We Are Working With Btc :-) https://btcearlybirds.com/ 7pm uk 2p est http://www.fundmycause.net/jimsky6969/


We originally put this crowdfunding platform together to help people globally (especially in 3rd world countries) and with the rise of Bitcoin has become affordable for many - to keep us on track to help others globally we made a decision to change the donation amounts accordingly.

The new donation amounts are:

Level 1 - 0.02 btc

Level 2 - 0.02 btc

Level 3 - 0.04 btc

Level 4 - 0.08 btc

Level 5 - 0.2 btc

Level 6 - 0.5 btc

And the New admin fee has been lowered to 0.003 btc


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