Jim Rohn The Day That Turns Your Life Around

Published 2 years ago
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Jim Rohn The Day That Turns Your Life Around InsiderSecrets.BIGIDEAMASTERMENTOR.COM

Now as Jim Rohn says how he change his life by deciding on that day he had to lie to a girls scout but how can you chance life. Do you wait to meet that day or do you make today as that day.

You don't have experience something like that Jim Rohn or others mentioned in the recording you can create that by simple doing the following

1. Take a area in life
Take any area in life it can be health, education, family or wealth

2. Write everything about the selected part of life. This has to be honest because if you want to truly see where you are being honest to your self is the only way. Go back in your life to the tough situation and write what you felt to fine the truth about you

3. Now write your dream of that area of life eg if wealth then how much do you want to earn per year what kind of life do you want. What value do you want to provide to your family.

4. See the difference between the first one and second now you know where your unplanned life is going and where you what your life to be.

5. Now all you have to do is come up with a plan and take action to change your direction and archive your dream.

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