Microsoft Scammer tries to scam a certified level 5 technician

Published 1 year ago
sort Video  /  All Videos shared by the early birds  computer scammer gets owned scammer vs hacker Explanation video: Microsoft Scammer tries to scam me. Help raise awareness about this nonsense by sending the video to a friend! Since EVERYONE is asking, the Level 5 is meant as irony since the scammers often uses Level 5 technichian as a term. UPDATE: I actually got hold of one of the scammers email adress. His name was linked to his gmail and after little bit of investigating I think I found him on facebook as well. He look's like a poor guy, and he is located in India as well. His name also comes up on google in a kind of police list. This is what comes up on google: List of candidates for Sub-Inspectors in Delhi Police, CAPFs and It's sad really... The list are actually available for everyone to view on google, they keep track of all of the people that are on the list, I don't know if the list should be open or not. Support my content on Patreon. For freelancing go to my website: