Today in Bitcoin News Podcast (2017-11-15) - Bitcoin Jumps - Square to offer Bitcoin Buy/Sell

Published 1 month ago
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$7,137.01USD / BTC | Winkdex,bitfinex,bitstamp,gemini,itbit&range=1D

Bitcoin jumps more than 9% after news Square is testing the digital currency

Square's Cash App Pilots Bitcoin Buying and Selling - CoinDesk

Square's Cash App: A New Place To Buy And Sell Bitcoin?

Square Cash is letting some users buy and sell Bitcoin | TechCrunch

Turning Tide? Bitcoin Tops $7,000 As Price Pushes Up - CoinDesk

Zimbabwe Doesn’t Have Its Own Currency and Bitcoin Is Surging - Bloomberg

Bitcoin's price in Zimbabwe is not actually $13,000 — Quartz

DBS Group's David Gledhill: Bitcoin is 'a Ponzi scheme'

Bitcoin Mining in China is Not Banned Yet, Contrary to Reports

฿ITLORD on Twitter: 'Bitmex will be dumping all users $BCH and crediting accounts with $BTC.'

Daniel Ƀ on Twitter: 'If, like BCash, you remove from Bitcoin its decentralization, censorship resistance, and defense against authoritarian actors, all you're le…'

Adam Back on Twitter: 'Bitcoin is FOSS, surprisingly many people in Bitcoin are not familiar with FOSS work flows. in other FOSS industries companies have a senior…'

Neeraj K. Agrawal on Twitter: 'Jack Dorsey walking into the Bitcoin conference'

Mad Bitcoins [NO2X] on Twitter: 'What is more important? #Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System by Satoshi Nakamoto'

Mad Bitcoins [NO2X] on Twitter: 'No Backups for 70 days. #MadTour'

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