If Facebook Can't Run A Global Currency, Who Could?

Published 3 weeks ago
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A look at global currency, institutional trust, activist monetary policy and all that comes with it.

A recent letter addressed to the social media giant from five democratic senators laid it out clearly; There's simply no way Meta (formerly Facebook) will be allowed, much less trusted, to run a supra-national stablecoin. It's a stance many agree with but it brings up a larger and much more controversial question. If one of the biggest, most successful consumer-facing companies in the world can't do it, who could?

Join hosts Adam B. Levine, Stephanie Murphy, Jonathan Mohan and Andreas M. Antonopoulos for this wide-ranging conversation as they dig into the thorny issues of power, currency, trust and monetary policy.

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Today’s show featured Andreas M. Antonopoulos, Jonathan Mohan, Stephanie Murphy and Adam B. Levine, with editing by Adam B. Levine and music by Gurtybeats.com. Our episode art is a photograph by Annie Spratt/Unsplash modified by Speaking of Bitcoin

Any questions or comments? Send us an email at adam@speakingofbitcoin.show