Robert Kiyosaki WHY you NEED Bitcoin | Rich Dad Bitcoin & Ethereum Prediction, Cryptocurrency (2021)

Published 2 years ago
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Robert Kiyosaki Bitcoin Prediction, WHY you need to be buying and holding bitcoin and what the future holds for Ethereum (ETH) and Cryptocurrency in general. Rich Dad Bitcoin and Rich Dad Bitcoin prediction for 2021. Keep in mind, despite his age, Rob is a Gold, Silver, Bitcoin and now Ethereum and cryptocurrency bull! Great to see! ????????

Kiyosaki, who you may know as Rich Dad, explains why you need to be holding Bitcoin & Ethereum. Kiyosaki is an interesting figure head as unlike a lot of the older investors such as Buffett, Charlie Munger or Bill Gates, Kiyosaki has held a long time bull thesis on Bitcoin and now Crypto. In the second half of the video, Kiyosaki speaks on what he thinks of Elon Musk BUYING Bitcoin and if it was a good move.

Finally, stick around to the end of the video we cover 1 piece of Bitcoin analytics that have came out over the last 24 hours and are very bullish for the cryptocurrency.

As at the time of this recording, the Bitcoin price is consolidating at $50,000 dollars so congratulations to all holders in the green. Also only a time percentage of people who watch my videos are actually subscribed, if you enjoy the video, consider subscribing, its free, and you can always change your mind. Enjoy the video. So there you have it guys, you would have to be crazy to not be holding Bitcoin and holding your fiat money that is devaluing at 10-15% per year. I agree with Kiyosaki that as we see a vaccine more widely available we may see a consolidation and pull back in the Bitcoin price as investors move to other assets such as stocks, however I do not think it will be a crazy as he outlines due to too much institutional interest. As he said if we do see any meaningful pull-back all it will provide is a good buying opportunity.

You may know Robert Kiyosaki from Rich Dad poor Dad and in the last 2 weeks Kiyosaki has been diving headfirst into the world on cryptocurrency and getting educated on all things Bitcoin.

Check out what his thoughts are and why you NEED to be holding Bitcoin and Ethereum.

I am quickly becoming a huge Robert Kiyosaki fan as despite his age, Kiyosaki is learning as much as he can. He’s been a huge gold and silver bull in the past but he’s not stubbornly sticking to the assets he knows best, but he’s getting educated and jumping into all things Blockchain.


0:00 Intro - (WATCH WHOLE VIDEO!)
2:17 Robert Kiyosaki why you NEED Bitcoin, Ethereum
2:43 WHY I am becoming a Rich Dad FAN
3:25 Bitcoin, Ethereum and Crypto is HARD to UNDERSTAND
7:04 Bitcoin and Ethereum on blockchain is TRANSPARENT & SECURE
8:20 Robert Kiyosaki Polkadot!?
9:17 EDUCATE yourself on Bitcoin and Crypto!
10:07 Benefits of CRYPTO and CHANGE is FAST
10:52 Rich Dad opinion on Elon Musk / Tesla BUYING BTC
11:30 Institutional FOMO is coming for Bitcoin!
13:59 NEW Bitcoin Data that is BULLISH!

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